Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Butter for the Summer: the ultimate hair care ingredient for the summer heat!

Haircare with butters are a must for Summer, when your hair is in need of hydration! Butters are known to protect, close up hair cuticles, nourish and restructure the hair. Check out my top picks for products that have a butter ingredient in them:  

Cocoa butter and Shea butter aren't the only effective butters out there, although it seems that way because they are always in the spotlight. Explore other butters and try something new. There's a product out there with butter for every hair type. Butters aren't always so heavy either so if you have finer hair and think that it'll weigh it down, well that is not always the case. For those with finer hair use a little less and start 1" - 2" from the root. Ladies, I chose the Alterna Bamboo Men Nourishing Conditioner and Shave Cream because it is not only a great conditioner for men, but it is also an amazing product to shave your legs with.