Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lengthy & Voluminous Lashes...that last!

Still trying to track down an awesome mascara? Same here. I've been on the prowl for the perfect mascara and I've tried quite a few that I've really liked, but I finally found one that I LOVE! Blinc Amplified Mascara has been the answer to my eyelash prayers. Amplified is the same concept as the original Blinc mascara, where it tubes your lashes and makes it really easy to remove. All you have to do is take a bit of water and put some pressure on your lashes and the tubes slide right off (so cool to see it, too.) What I love most about the Amplified mascara is how it lengthens and volumizes all at once. Blinc Amplified doesn't flake, smudge or run...it is LIFEPROOF! 

Amplified is great on its own, but when your mascara just doesn't normally stay on, paranoia strikes and you're constantly worried that it's running. That's when the Blinc Black Lash Primer comes in for back up for extra volume and protection. This primer is AWESOMEEEEE. Instead of the usual white lash primer, this one is jet black and is great for those of us with very light lashes, who want their mascara darker than night. As one of my favorite 2-for-1's, not only does the primer enhance lashes, but it is also a treatment that encourages new lash growth. Who wouldn't want that?! It's a great best friend to the Amplified mascara and now my  makeup bag must-haves. With these two products heat, sweat, water or anything else will have nothing on your lashes. Gotta love the va-va-voom volume with this lash-lovin' pair.