Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Product Review: Maskeraide Sheet Mask

The recent sheet mask craze has gone viral so I decided to finally give it a go. I'm really big on masks and treatments and was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of my skin after the mask. For my sheet mask I used the Maskeraide All Nighter.

My skin loved it! After a weekend of sun and a little too much fun this mask was perfect. My skin felt hydrated, revived and my under eyes were revitalized. I would definitely recommend the sheet masks, especially for a GNI (girls night in). I also really like that there are so many different options; next up is definitely Detox Diva or Weather Warrior. Not only are these masks effective, but they look so fun and have such cute names (great gifts or stocking stuffers). Here is my #sheetmaskselfie. Please excuse the Snapchat caption I forgot to save the picture before lol

Monday, April 20, 2015

Eliminate curl chaos!

We are continuing the celebration of Curl Month at GBS. Today I wanted to feature L'anza Healing Haircare because it is such a great line for all hair types, but curls as well. Curls need healing so any shampoo or conditioner you use from L'anza will be great. Now onto their awesome Healing Curls line which contains Curl Define Cream and the Curl Perfecting Treatment. There are 3 traditional methods to curling hair that will give you the outcome of curls you want: perm, heat styling, and styling products with way too many gross chemicals in them. These methods are all extremely damaging to curls. Get more spring and bounce without damaging your hair by using L’anza Curl Perfecting Treatment and Curl Define Cream. Bring your curls and waves back to life! The treatment contains key ingredients which include yogurt and milk thistle. These ingredients contain high levels of the amino acid, Cysteine. Cysteines are the building blocks of hair, these amino acids are in charge of strengthening the hair. The Curl Perfecting Treatment is formulated by science that adheres to the Law of Physics.  I won’t bore you with the scientific details, but it is so cool the formulas they come up with to get you the perfect curl. One of the formulas is called “Extension Spring Rate Calculation”. It’s pretty crazy what goes into making the perfect curl product. When I used the products I followed up with a diffuser and my curls were beautiful. They were frizz-free, shiny and still looked great on the second day. I liked pairing it with a high hold gel because i feel like my curls need just a little bit of hold, but again no 2 curls are the same. 

·         Eliminates Curl ChaosCommon problem with curly hair
·         Eliminates frizz
·         Perfect fiber alignment and definition
·         More spring and bounce
·         Spiral memory
·         Formulated by science – adheres to Law of Physics
·         Curl retention 

Friday, April 10, 2015

Product Spotlight: Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In

Express, never suppress your curls! Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave-In is one of my favorite leave-in treatments for curly hair. It is so hydrating and a great primer for styling products. Moisture Lock defined my curls and kept frizz down to a minimum. Note: even if you don't have curls and just need some hydration this product will probably work great, too.

Here are a few of it's benefits: 

  • Gives curls body and substance without weighing them down
  • Encourages a well-defined curl pattern with healthy movement
  • Free of residues and polymers that interfere with styling
  • Helps build a lasting, breathable moisture foundation within the curl cuticle that dramatically improves curl formation, ease of styling and even the look of hair color 

Key ingredients and benefits:

  • Prickly Pear Cactus Extract draws moisture from the air and seals it in for superior conditioning
  • Antioxidants Green Tea and Vitamin B5 protect hair and promote shine
  • Arnica Extract, a healing agent, promotes long-lasting hydration and helps seal the cuticle layer to prevent frizz and encourage healthier hair and scalp.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

9 Favorite DevaCurl Hair Tips

I love my DevaCurl and have been using it since 2009. I've picked up a few of my favorite hair tips over the years and want to share them with all of my curly girl readers! 

1. Use a paper towel, old cotton t-shirt, or a microfiber towel to absorb moisture from curly locks. (favorite of all tips, I highly recommend the Deva Gloves)

2. Lower water pressure if it is too high on the shower nozzle to prevent your hair from being limp and lethargic

3. Baby fine hair? Skip the conditioning after cleansing, you may not always need it. Conditioner can make the hair too soft and reduce its body.

4. Clip hair at the roots to relieve wet hair of its own weight as it dries. Add a little gel to the clip and leave it in until hair is completely dry.

5. Mix gel with a sulfate-free cleanser and rinse well for extra body.

6. Summer is coming and that means a lot of pool swimming! Protect your hair by applying conditioner!

7. Cut your hair when it's dry.

8. Crazy hair in the morning?! Protect your curls while you sleep by sleeping on your back with your hair spread out over your pillow like a veil, OR gather hair gently at the center of the forehead with a fabric ponytail holder.

9. Don't stay in a steamy bathroom too long after showering, the humidity opens up the cuticle and causes a high frizz factor!