Monday, April 20, 2015

Eliminate curl chaos!

We are continuing the celebration of Curl Month at GBS. Today I wanted to feature L'anza Healing Haircare because it is such a great line for all hair types, but curls as well. Curls need healing so any shampoo or conditioner you use from L'anza will be great. Now onto their awesome Healing Curls line which contains Curl Define Cream and the Curl Perfecting Treatment. There are 3 traditional methods to curling hair that will give you the outcome of curls you want: perm, heat styling, and styling products with way too many gross chemicals in them. These methods are all extremely damaging to curls. Get more spring and bounce without damaging your hair by using L’anza Curl Perfecting Treatment and Curl Define Cream. Bring your curls and waves back to life! The treatment contains key ingredients which include yogurt and milk thistle. These ingredients contain high levels of the amino acid, Cysteine. Cysteines are the building blocks of hair, these amino acids are in charge of strengthening the hair. The Curl Perfecting Treatment is formulated by science that adheres to the Law of Physics.  I won’t bore you with the scientific details, but it is so cool the formulas they come up with to get you the perfect curl. One of the formulas is called “Extension Spring Rate Calculation”. It’s pretty crazy what goes into making the perfect curl product. When I used the products I followed up with a diffuser and my curls were beautiful. They were frizz-free, shiny and still looked great on the second day. I liked pairing it with a high hold gel because i feel like my curls need just a little bit of hold, but again no 2 curls are the same. 

·         Eliminates Curl ChaosCommon problem with curly hair
·         Eliminates frizz
·         Perfect fiber alignment and definition
·         More spring and bounce
·         Spiral memory
·         Formulated by science – adheres to Law of Physics
·         Curl retention