Thursday, July 25, 2013

THROWBACK THURSDAY: How to Get the Rita Hayworth Look!

It's Throwback Thursday and this week I will be highlighting the ever beautiful, femme fatale Rita Hayworth. In order to achieve such glamour there are a few steps that you will have to take. 

To get Rita's hair you will need some products and follow these steps:

Frizz taming cream or fluid, a finishing serum, and hot rollers. 

Her hair was always very tame and never a hair out of place, this is what the frizz cream will be great for, try Davines Momo Moisturizing Anti-Frizz Protective Fluid. The fluid will keep your hair soft and smooth for easy control. Next, you'll want to make a side part and when the hair is close to dry put your curls up in hot rollers. Take your hair down when the hot rollers are ready and carefully smooth the top part of your hair with a fine comb so the length is left wavy. Finish off with a light serum to keep fly aways in place, so that your hair is sure to be left neat and polished like Ms. Hayworth herself. My favorite finishing serum will always be Alfaparf Semi Di Lino Cristalli Liquid, it’s lightweight and leaves your hair perfectly shiny. 

Now that your hair is glamorous and ready it's time to get her sultry look with makeup! 

Rita's skin was always perfectly matte and powdered, NEVER caked on. A great way to get the flawless, matte look would be a mineral foundation, followed with a translucent setting powder (see product recommendations below). 

Eyes are extremely important when trying to nail the Rita Hayworth look. The "cat eye" and lashes are a must!  Prime the eye and apply eye shadow a shade lighter then skin tone before you apply the liner. The cat eye can be done with a bold, black liquid liner and a sweep of the brush to extend the line, or "tail". Now ladies, I’m not saying it's the simplest task, so you'll definitely need practice and patience to get the ideal cat eye! Personally, I use the NYX Curve liner because it is way easier to apply the line, since it sits so comfortably in hand (between us, I can’t use any other liner "/). 

The last step, the finishing touch is a perfect, vampy lipstick. A deep red or maroon will be just right for this look. Your femme fatale makeover is now complete and you have brought old, Hollywood glamour back to this era. Now get out there for a sexy and sophisticated night out on the town. Have fun, be confident, and make Rita proud! 

Product Recommendations: