Tuesday, September 24, 2013

TUTORIAL TUESDAY: How to Cover and Treat Blemishes

1.    1.
a small mark or flaw that spoils the appearance of something.

                               woman looking at a blemish

So what can we do to get rid of those awful, red, inflamed flaws on our face? Well first you must treat, then comes the covering up. Start off the treatment with probably the most obvious thing, washing your face, but what you wash your face with can make all the difference. A face wash with glycolic acid is best for blemishes. The reason for the glycolic acid is that it is anti-inflammatory and an anti-bacterial. Cleansing the skin is always crucial, so you can work with a clean canvas and treat any skin problem. Peter Thomas Roth has an awesome glycolic wash that i have been using for some time now and I can't get enough of it. Follow the wash with a serum that also has glycolic acid, and then apply your favorite moisturizer. A blemish is an inflammation on the skin and needs to be treated like any inflammation so you can't cover it up with makeup just yet. The next step helps tackle the swelling of the blemish to prepare your skin for the cover up; hold an ice cube over it and that will reduce the inflammation and redness. Next, grab your favorite concealer/camouflage(if you don't have one try the gloMinerals camouflage  that's my fave, see link below.) Once you have applied the camouflage  finish off with a few touches of translucent powder. Yellow color corrector is also a great product to use since it hides the redness extremely well. Best way to cover the blemish with the concealer is not just directly on it, but outwards all around with a brush or with your beautyblender. Blending is essential to getting the perfect cover. Finally, apply foundation and if in the process you take off some of the concealer, don’t fret just reapply with a light dab and again brush on a little powder. Last thing to aid in all your skin problems is to drink water and stay hydrated all day, water can work miracles.

Product Recommendations:

5. Ben Nye Banana Powder