Thursday, May 15, 2014

11 Ways to Use L'anza Trauma Treatment

There are  few products on the market that are so magical they can multitask and provide instant gratification. Of these rare products, L'anza has one by the name of Trauma Treatment. Every Trauma Treatment user has their own favorite way of using this lightweight and incredible product. So if you have ever wondered just how much this glorious products can do, look no further because here are the best ways to use Trauma Treatment:

1. Split ends: Trauma Treatment is great as a leave-in on the ends. It will smooth the hair cuticle making hair much more manageable and in better condition

2. Damaged Hair: Trauma Treatment is great for damaged and over processed hair as a leave-in. 

3. Color Treated Hair: Use Trauma Treatment as a regular rinse out conditioner for optimum color preserve. 

4. Sun Protection: Summer is coming out and whether you're sitting on the beach, sailing  or going for a swim at the pool your hair needs to be protected. Trauma Treatment will help any sun exposure with its triple UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. 

5. Salt water and chlorine repellent : Apply Trauma Treatment in hair not only to protect from sun exposure, but it will also block the salt water or chlorine from drying into hair

6. Primer: Trauma treatment is a wonderful primer for the hair can be used on any hair type to prepare for a blow dry. The brush slides through locks smoothly leaving the hair soft, shiny and frizz free.

7. Curly Girls: Curly hair girls can use Trauma Treatment as a leave-in conditioner. It works wonders on hydrating hair, locking moisture in and frizz out. 

8. Highlighted Hair & Blondies: Trauma treatment is a must-have for anyone with highlighted hair. When we highlight our hair, the keratin protein and natural moisture is depleted from the hair and Trauma Treatment puts back what we take out leaving  hair beautifully blonde with no breakage.

9. Thermal Protector: Almost everyone I know uses an electrical tool. Do they all use a protector ? No. Trauma Treatment has up to 500° of thermal protection, an added bonus to all of its other benefits. 

10. Cocktail Product: Trauma treatment is a great hair cocktail ingredient, as it mixes well with any L'anza product or any styling product in general to pump up the healing benefits.

11. Pre-Color Treatment: Trauma Treatment can be used as a pre-filler for over damaged hair, by leaving on dry hair before applying color. This evens out the porosity of the hair allowing better color attachment. Add 5g of Trauma Treatment directly to bowl, clinically-proven to extend life of haircolor for 107% longer lasting color.

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