Tuesday, July 15, 2014

9 Things to Stop Doing to Your Hair

9 Things to STOP Doing to Your Hair

  1. Brushing wet hair |  you want to comb wet hair & brush dry hair. If you really like using a brush then i would suggest The Wet Brush.
  2. Tying your hair into a ponytail in the same spot | if you wear your hair in a ponytail a lot, change up where your ponytail sits to prevent breakage and balding.
  3. Over processing hair and not treating | though processing hair should be kept to a minimum, if you just can't help yourself then don't forget to treat your hair. Use a mask a few times a week and use appropriate hair products.
  4. Overheating | we all love our hair tools and for the most part use them on a daily basis. Do NOT skip the heat protection step. A great heat protector is so important to keep your hair from getting damaged and fried. 
  5. Brushing hair too much | according to Marcia Brady, 100 strokes a day will keep your hair nice and shiny. WRONG! 100 brush strokes is wayyy overdoing it and will 100% cause hair damage. 
  6. Washing hair everyday | keep hair washing to about every other day if you urgently have to wash your hair. Otherwise, a dry shampoo will do the trick for in between washes. My favorite dry shampoo, which I find works best for me is the Klorane Dry Shampoo for Oily Hair.
  7. Using old styling tools | this can be very dangerous and just plain gross! If you've had a styling tool for quite sometime and you notice its not doing the trick or starts to smell weird..replace it ASAP. Also, maintaining and cleaning tools is so important because of all the germs that get on flat irons, dryers, etc. 
  8. Brutal hair ties | use softer hair ties that don't have the metal or hair ties that just feel hard.
  9. Brushing from roots to end | when brushing hair always start at the ends and work your way up to the root to prevent breakage and an easier way to get knots out.