Tuesday, July 22, 2014

GLAMGLOW Product Review


Before i start raving about this fantastic cult-fave mud mask i would like to start by saying thanks GLAMGLOW for finally delivering extreme hydration to my annoying, stubborn, hard to impress dry skin.This summer, I've been beachin' it a lot  causing my skin to feel dehydrated and tight. Trying a few different products here and there I finally came by GLAMGLOW Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment and LOVED it! It really treated my dry skin and now it feels so much lighter and moisturized. One of the cool things about this mud mask is that you can leave it on for as long as you like and then just wipe it off. So while I was organizing my closet, my skin was softly tingling, hydrating, and felt so nice and cool and the results were even better. I know understand why they used glow in the name because without a doubt my skin is that much more "glowy." An awesome tip GLAMGLOW gives is applying the ThirstyMud before a flight and take it off upon your arrival so your skin stays hydrated. This is definitely a tip I will use in a few weeks for my end-of-summer trip because i get ridiculously, uncomfortably dry thousands of feet up in the air. Ladies you should also keep a close eye on your ThirstyMud mask because guys are known to steal a little  for a post-shave treatment to restore their skin (trust me it happened to me last night with my friend). So all in all, GLAMGLOW is TheBeautyHaulic approved 100% and i will definitely be trying the other masks when my skin decides to act up on in weird ways like it normally does. Stay hydrated this summer beauty lovers :)

You can find GLAMGLOW here and with any GLAMGLOW purchase you will receive a free GLAMGLOW sample while supplies last.