Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Must-Have, Styling Regimen Staple

There is one product that I've come across that I find plays well in almost every hair type. Everyone I know that has tried it, swears by it. The ultimate, staple hair product that needs to be in everyone's styling regimen? Davines Oi/Milk! This all-in-one milk is a multi benefit beauty treatment & is good for all kinds of hair. The active ingredient in Oi/Milk is Roucou Oil, which comes from Africa, Asia, & South America. Roucou oil comes from the Annatto plant and has  natural SPF (unlike Argan oil) & contains 100x more beta-carotene than carrots! If ingredients aren't all that you care about in products, then you should totally care about the smell of Oi. All the products in the Oi line smell my opinion...a sexy man lol. They really smell amazing!! Check out the many benefits of Oi/Milk and don't forget check out the rest of the Davines Oi Collection. 


• adds shine
• adds softness and silkiness
• has an excellent detangling power
• facilitates combing of dry and wet hair
• controls frizz
• has an exceptional conditioning effect
• gives body without weighing hair down
• moisturizes hair
• facilitates blow drying
• heat protection
• provides a longer-lasting hairstyle

After using oi/shampoo, towel dry and spray oi/all in one milk 10-15 times on roots and ends: do not rinse and continue with styling. Depending on the type of hair, increase or decrease the number of sprays.