Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Simple Steps to Glowing Skin: Part II

"I'm a big believer in that if you focus on good skin care, you really won't need a lot of makeup."
               -Demi Moore

I hope that Part I of my glowing skin blog has inspired you to start fresh and from the inside. Diet has a high impact on skin and any little bit helps. Aside from diet, there are the products you use. Products should contain high-quality ingredients for best results. 

Skincare regimen. 

         DO NOT go a day without washing your face with a good cleanser. A cleanser gives your skin a clean slate for the products that follow (I obviously always pair my cleanser with the cant-live-without Clarisonic; I always mention this, but that's because it's kind of an obsession.) 

After cleansing, a daily exfoliant works wonders. Retexturizing your skin is crucial for radiance. Exfoliating is great for uneven skin tones and to get clearer, smoother skin. A new,favorite of mine is Cane + Austin Miracle Pads. If you are looking for something for your pores and anti-aging this is the perfect balance. I find it very hard to find something for both of these concerns. These pads are like bringing your dermatologist home in your GBS bag. They will improve skin tone, texture, and appearance with glycolic acid, vitamins A, C, & E, witch hazel, and Coenzyme Q10. (TIP: don't use your Clarisonic for the first week of any Cane + Austin products, except the Ultra Sheer Weightless Sunscreen, since it doesn't have glycolic.) Big pores? These pads are perfect they reduce the size and will unclog them. Most retexturizing pads tend to be drying, but not this one, it won't even irritate skin. If you are sensitive, start with the Retexturizing Pads for the first month since it has 10% glycolic and the next month try the Miracle Pads. You can skip toners if you are using either of these pads. So you basically are getting a 2-in-1 product, which is great for those who try to save time in the A.M.

After the Miracle or Retexturizing Pads you want to follow up with a moisturizer; when swiping the pad in the morning pair it with a moisturizer that has SPF since there is so much glycolic in them. 

Just as a suggestion since this is the new regimen I personally started in the past week, is pairing the Miracle Pads or Retexturizing Pads with the Supergoop Save Face Moisturizer SPF 35 . The moisturizer is lightweight and makes the skin feel really nice and soft. 

As long as you are taking care of your skin daily you will see epic results in a few weeks. Don't forget how important quality products are; they may be a little more pricey, but they will go a LONG way.

Start today.

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