Friday, January 24, 2014

Simple Steps to Glowing Skin: Part III

" To be honest, I am completely natural. I have nothing in my face or anything. I wear sunscreen, and I don't smoke. I take care of myself and I'm very proud to say that." 
-Nicole Kidman

Worried about aging skin? Exposure to the sun accelerates the effects of aging and your  at a higher risk of developing skin cancer. Sun damage can be quite funny because right now you won't see damage, but later in life that gorgeous sun tan will have it's place taken by wrinkles, spots and saggy skin (joy!)

Sun Protection. 
If you live in sunny South Florida, or wherever the sun comes out for that matter you HAVE to protect your skin from the sun. Though sun can be a great source of vitamin D it can damage your skin if you’re exposed to it too much. Prevent drastic skin damage and skin cancer with a face moisturizer that has SPF, (try Supergoop Save Face SPF 35 as mentioned in the last blog post, it's great under makeup too.) Make sure you cover your neck and décolleté as well. But, don't just give your face t.l.c from the sun, other parts we don’t think about can get severely damaged like our hands. We all love to drive with our arm out of the window to feel the warm sun on your skin, or even when you keep your hand inside your car on the steering wheel, the sun will find you! Wear gloves while driving and always use a hand cream to keep your hands soft and smooth.  A great way to keep your hands hydrated and youthful is by applying a thick hand cream before bed. I love Kneipp Evening Primrose Hand Cream; it’s non-greasy and naturally nourishing. 

Start today.

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