Friday, March 28, 2014

WMC & Ultra Fest Must-Haves!

It's that time of year where all of South Florida and out-of-towners go south to the clubs, pool parties, and the mother ship ULTRA! If you are one of thousands of people taking part in the wild, crazy fun then you should definitely look into decking yourself out with these music fest essentials. 

#1 Sunscreen. 
You're young so continue looking young because if you decide to not wear or reapply sunscreen the wrinkles and sun spots will come! (ew.) There's a great promotion of Supergoop! SPF 30+ Everyday UV Lotion for Face and Body for only $5 and it is the perfect travel-size to get you through the weekend and can fit perfectly in your purse. (available in stores)

#2 Color. 
Look around you...waves and waves of bright and neon colors. Take part in the fun and add a little color to your face, body, hair, and anywhere else you can think of. Here are some products that will have you fitting right in. Try some fun colored hairsprays too! 

 NYX Primal Colors are pigments for                                     Bodyography Electric Lip Slides are 

face & body get creative and look fab!                                     fun, hydrating, and last really long! 

#3 Hair. Dancing and jumping around plus the Miami heat takes a toll on our sleek locks causing MAJOR frizz! Pre de Provence Argan Balm is great to tame the frizz, put on lips, and anywhere else that you could think of. Best part its small so you can keep it in your pocket. Everyone will be asking themselves how is her hair still in place? That's right. Your welcome. Don't forget your hair ties at home either! Check out Twistband hair ties they're extremely comfortable and come in lots of wild colors!

#4 Face. Hot much? HYDRATION. HYDRATION. HYDRATION. The sun is blazing you need to cool off, the Heineken tent is packed what will you do? Whip out that travel-sized Evian facial spray spritz it on your face and wherever else you want to cool down. Share a little spray with your friends they will love you forever. 


  Just Dance. Be Safe. Have Fun. Go Wild. Stay 'Beauty'ful.